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Labs, services, and scientific resources available to the university and research communities:

  • Crystallography Laboratory for small molecule structure determination; researchers conduct interdisciplinary research and teach crystallography to students and faculty
    Contact: Carla Slebodnick, 540-231-1848,
  • Flow Cytometry Resource Laboratory (College of Veterinary Medicine) is a centralized service lab available to all VT faculty, staff, and students and is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation which allows investigators to utilize the latest techniques in flow cytometry to enhance research.
    : Melissa Makris, 540-231-4115,
  • Glassware Service Lab that provides laboratory glassware washing and sterilization services to support the various research labs of Virginia Tech.
    : Allie Price, 540-231-4829,
  • Metabolism Core offers sophisticated in-vivo and in-vitro experimental tools to internal and external investigators
    Contact: Haiyan Zhang, 540-315-5693,
  • Microscopy Lab: advanced separation and imaging of living cells facility available for cell manipulation and sorting, data analysis, consultation, instrument training, experiment troubleshooting, lectures, and workshops
    Contact: Melissa Makris, 540-231-4115,
Kathy Alexander
XJ Meng and lab member