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Glassware Service Lab

Providing laboratory glassware washing and sterilization services to support the various research labs of Virginia Tech


  • Amsco Renaissance Sterilizer
  • Amsco Century Sterilizer
  • Reliance 500 Laboratory Glassware Washer
  • Amsco 3021 Gravity Sterilizer


Steam Sterilization

  • Accepted are a variety of items for sterilization, including glassware, media, autoclavable plastics (e.g. Nalgene), and surgical instruments.
  • All items submitted to the glassware lab for sterilization must be labeled and properly wrapped, etc.
  • Items will be sterilized within two working days.

Waste Decontamination

  • The glassware lab is responsible for the decontamination of all potentially infectious biological waste materials used in the ILSB.
  • Any solid or liquid chemical waste is picked up from individual labs by EHSS.
  • All biological waste should be packaged in either a clear autoclave bag (BSL1), an orange biohazard bag (BSL2) or red sharps container (BSL1 &2) according to VT EHSS and glassware lab policies for decontamination and preparation for pick-up by EHSS.
  • Please consult a glassware technician if there are any questions as to proper handling of biological waste.
  • Any solid or liquid chemical waste is picked up from individual labs by EHSS. Submit a Chemical Waste Pick Up Request

Cleansing of Laboratory Glassware

  • The glassware lab is equipped with a Reliance 500 model laboratory glassware washer to meet the needs of all research labs in the ILSB.
  • Items submitted for cleaning should be properly labeled and rinsed of any chemical or biological reside, and disinfected if necessary.
  • Glassware and plastics will be machine or hand washed according to the delicacy of an item.
  • Requests for hand washing or concerns regarding cleaning policies should be directed to the glassware technician or supervisor.
  • Items will be cleaned within two working days.

Additional Services

Allie Price
Glassware Lab Manager

ILSB Lab Technician

Hours of operation:
Monday through Friday
7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.