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Integrated Life Sciences Building at the Fralin Life Sciences Institute

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Integrated Life Sciences Building

The Integrated Life Sciences Building is a research facility of the Fralin Life Sciences Institute, which is committed to supporting innovative research, education, and outreach in Virginia Tech’s environmental and life sciences community.

Residents of the ILSB are automatically considered Fralin-affiliated faculty members and are given resources necessary to explore new and innovative science that benefits people in the New River Valley, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the world.

The ILSB houses faculty from four colleges conducting research in cardiovascular disease, cancer, muscle physiology, virology, neuroscience, aquaculture, metabolism, obesity, healthy ecosystems, and community health. Research conducted by each college shares certain similarities in topic and procedure with the objective to create a forum of discussion for new ideas through collaboration and synergism.  ILSB residents have a recurring monthly research seminar series and get together for a building social each semester.


Eva Schmelz is the Fralin Life Sciences Institute's principal scientist responsible for general oversight and coordination.

Mark Larson is the Fralin Life Sciences Institute's facilities manager.

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